International Network

Our equipment is in operation in more than 50 countries and we generate more than 90 percent of our sales volume outside Germany.

For us, it is crucial to be close to our customers so that we can provide service and upgrades quickly and in a straightforward manner. Therefore, we make sure that VON ARDENNE grows worldwide.

VON ARDENNE relies on subsidiaries in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan and the USA, in addition to our headquarters in Dresden, Germany.


VON ARDENNE Vacuum Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
No. 418, Dongxing Road, Songjiang Industrial Park
Tel.: +86 21 37690555




In 2002, VON ARDENNE entered the Chinese market for glass coating systems. Motivated by our growing success, we established a representative office and a network of Chinese sales agents soon afterwards in order to serve our customers and to consolidate our market position.

In 2006, our first subsidiary emerged from the representative office in the Shanghai Songjiang Industrial Park: VON ARDENNE Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. (VAVE). There, we have a qualified sales team, engineers, service and assembly specialists and direct persons of contact for our Chinese customers and their questions concerning equipment, upgrades and spare part deliveries. Meanwhile, our VAVE employees support 35 customers and their coating equipment for architectural glass, metal strip and photovoltaics applications.

With its purchasing department, VON ARDENNE Vacuum Equipment ensures the supply of our customers with spare parts at short notice. Beyond that, the VAVE staff is actively involved in the strategic business development of the VON ARDENNE group thanks to their manufacturing facilities and their expertise in the Chinese market.



VON ARDENNE Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
SUITE B3.1 (B&C) Ground Floor, KHTP Business Centre
Kulim Hi-Tech Park
Tel.: +60 4408 0080
Fax: +60 4403 7363


Due to the dynamic growth of thin-film photovoltaics and the investment of our customers in Malaysia, we founded a representative office in this country. Already in 2008, VON ARDENNE Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (VAMA) emerged from this office. The subsidiary is located in Kulim and started with 2 employees. Today, it has a staff of 26 people from Malaysia.

VON ARDENNE Malaysia started as a service location. However, the company has developed continuously and has taken over the responsibility for the spare part and upgrade business of VON ARDENNE with its own sales and procurement teams and technicians. Furthermore, a bonded warehouse was opened in order to provide a reliable supply with spare parts. Our VAMA team supports our activities in Japan, Taiwan and South-East Asia.


VON ARDENNE North America

VON ARDENNE North America, Inc.
Ohio office

28304 Cedar Park Blvd. Suite F
PERRYSBURG, OH 43551-4863, USA
Tel.: +1 419 386 2789
Fax: +1 419 873 6661

VON ARDENNE North America, Inc.
Arizona office

7700 S. River Parkway
TEMPE, AZ 85284 , USA
Tel.: +1 480 726 5470
Fax: +1 480 855 0947


VON ARDENNE North America, Inc. (VANA) emerged from our local service and sales representative offices in 2011. The subsidiary has more than 20 employees at two service locations in Perrysburg (Ohio) and Tempe (Arizona) and at the sales office in Fort Collins (Colorado).

Our VANA team supports our North-American customer with service for their VON ARDENNE glass coating systems, electron beam systems and coating systems for crystalline and thin-film photovoltaics.

With the two main locations in Ohio and Arizona, VON ARDENNE North America is well positioned to ensure the productivity and competitiveness of our customers and to provide them with service at short notice.

With the help of their local warehouse and local and global purchasing, VON ARDENNE North America provides our customers with spare parts and components. The subsidiary has its own team for project preparation and planning, which also supports our development and sales activities.



VON ARDENNE Japan Co., Ltd.
Omori center building, 3F 1-17-2 Omori-Kita, Ota-ku,
TOKYO 143-0016, JAPAN
Tel.: +81 3 6435 1700
Fax: +81 3 64351699


VON ARDENNE has been active in Japan since 1995 supported by a sales agency. In 2014, VON ARDENNE Japan Co., Ltd. (VAJP) emerged from this agency and joined the VON ARDENNE group.

VON ARDENNE Japan is located in Tokyo. Eight employees are currently working there supporting our sales activities and our strategic business development. Apart from that, VAJP service engineers support our Japanese customers. So far, we have installed architectural glass coating systems, roll-to-roll web coaters, equipment for photovoltaics industry and electron beam systems in Japan.


VON ARDENNE Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Kios No.2, Lot TT1, Road D4, Dong Nam IP
Hoa Phu Commune, Cu Chi District, 
Tel.: +60 124 23 7353


VON ARDENNE Vietnam Company Ltd. (VAVN) was established in 2017 to support our local customers with service and maintenance. The subsidiary is located in Ho Chi Minh City in proximity to our customers in the photovoltaics and architectural glass industry. In cooperation with our other subsidiaries in Asia, VON ARDENNE Vietnam will be developed into another VON ARDENNE service location in South-East Asia.