rotary disk coating system

The OPTA X is our system for the most sophisticated layer systems, especially for optical multi-layer systems with a high number of layers. The coating is done horizontally, and different processes are available for an optimal coating: Meta Mode, CARS*, reactive and non-reactive sputtering.

The system has five ports that can be used to integrate magnetrons and/or plasma sources. In-situ measurement technology is also available for monitoring and adjusting the coating process.

The OPTA X is equipped with a modular automatic handling system that enables a safe loading of the system with various substrates that are passed through the system in customized carriers.

Depending on the process and productivity requirements, different module types, such as magazine load locks or pre- or post-treatment chambers, can be combined.

*Fraunhofer IST


Applications: precision optics

Corresponding equipment


Vertical Glass Coating System