Modular Process Systems

VON ARDENNE Load Lock Systems are especially designed for R&D purposes and for small-scale production. They meet several technological requirements and are therefore ideally suited for the development of new coating technologies and for the reliable and reproducible coating of a smaller number of substrates.

The systems are designed as a two-chamber system with a load lock and a process chamber. Thanks to the modular design, you can choose or combine different technologies and process conditions for the coating of a substrate. Our load lock systems be operated manually or fully automatically, depending on the application.

Our load lock systems are suited for the processing of customer-specific substrates with a maximum size of eight inches in diameter or 200 mm x 200 mm. Substrates with smaller dimension or irregular shapes, such as shards or three-dimensional objects, can be processed with the help of carriers.


Applications: architectural glazing, automotive, basic research, batteries, displays & touch panels, fuel cells, LED lighting, mechatronics (MEMS, MOEMS), medical devices, organic LEDs, photovoltaics, precision optics, sensors

Substrate shape: flat/rigid, flexible, three-dimensional

Substrate material: glass, steel, wafers

Coating Technology: ALD, electron beam technology, hot-wire CVD (HWCVD), magnetron sputtering down, magnetron sputtering up, magnetron sputtering vertical, plasma-enhanced CVD (PECVD), thermal evaporation

Function: active OLED layer, anti-fingerprint, anti-reflection, contact, corrosion protection, diffusion barrier, heat insulation, passivation, primer, reflection, semiconductor, solar control, TCO, wave length filter

Layers & Layer stacks: Double Low-E, Low-E, Solar Control, Triple Low-E

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Modular Process Systems