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Architectural & Automotive Glazing

Invisible coatings with a massive effect:

High-Efficiency Solar Cell Processing

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Emerging Technologies

Technology and product development for future markets:

Roll-to-Roll Web Coating

Equipment for thin-film applications on flexible substrates:

Metal Strip Coating

Decorative layers and protection against corrosion:

Thin-Film Photovoltaics

High productivity at low costs:

Electron Beam Systems

High-power systems for melting, refining end evaporation:

Modular Process Systems

Ideal for research and production:

X-Series End Blocks

Our next generation drop-in end blocks:

Excellent Equipment & Technologies for Your Future

The future motivates us and future topics drive our product ideas and engineering.

We develop and manufacture equipment that turns modern technologies such as photovoltaics into high-efficiency photovoltaics. We strive to make good energy saving technology even better with new coating solutions for architectural and automotive glass and for flexible substrates.

Apart from that, we want to leverage emerging technologies such as fuel cells, together with our customers.

Coating Equipment


Wafer & Glass Coating System


Modular Process Systems

INLINE Systems

Modular Process Systems


Modular Process Systems

Drum Coating Systems

Modular Process Systems


Precision coatings for optics and sensor technology


Evaporation System

Emerging Technologies

Electron Beam Components

Sputter Components

DAS - Dual Anode Sputtering

Magnet Bars & Magnet Systems


Advanced Heating Control System

Glow Discharge Device


Emerging Technologies

Measurement & Software

Recording of process data

Trimming & shimming Software