Linear organic evaporator

The VON ARDENNE Linear Organic Evaporator is a component that thermally evaporates organic material in a closed crucible. The vapor is distributed through a heated pipe in the direction across the substrate and released to the substrate through a linear nozzle array.

This component can be used for the evaporation of thermally sensible organic materials on rigid or flexible substrates for OLED or organic solar cell applications.

Beyond that, the tool can be used for the evaporation of small molecule organics for OLED devices. Another possible application is the evaporation of Pbl2 and other perovskite materials for the manufacturing of perovskite photovoltaic cells.

Furthermore, the Linear Organic Evaporator can be used to create easy-to-clean (ETC) coatings by the evaporation of water and oil repellent perfluoropolyethers and other ETC chemicals.