Linear PECVD Source

This source is similar to standard static capacitively coupled plasma electrodes. However, this particular VON ARDENNE source is run in inline dynamic mode: The substrate, carrier or web is permanently moved past the electrode and continuously coated.

Even though it requires major mechanical and electrical efforts to coat large substrates homogeneously in static mode by CCP CVD, the linear PECVD source reduces the parameter space in a onedimensional task. Even deposition scenarios with the application of very high frequencies (VHF) for higher deposition rates can be neatly dealt with. In principal, all static lab-scale CCP CVD processes can be easily transferred to high-throughput dynamic coating by this PECVD source.

The CCP CVD source is equipped with an integrated sidelong gas supply and distribution system and a process gas extraction system. The harmonized interplay of gas supply, electrode and gas extraction permits homogeneous coating on the moving substrate. The source can be cleaned by standard etching methods, facilitating the use of gases like O2, SF6, NF3, F2 or CxFy.

It is available in steel or aluminum. The particular, tweaked matchbox is an integral part of this device. Thermocouples provide additional process surveillance.