VA BCOS Electron Beam Control

The beam guidance system is an electronic unit for controlling and monitoring the electron beam of an electron beam gun by means of electromagnetic lenses and deflection coils.

It consists of an industrial PC, a beam guidance base unit, a control console and associated beam guidance software.

VA BCOS is MS Windows-based beam guidance software and performes the following tasks:

  • Control of max. 8 electron beam guns 
  • Generation of deflection figures to realize the electron beam distribution required at the process location
  • Generation of deflection sequences by means of the pre-installed figure library, or based on coordinate lists generated with customary software (e.g. MS Excel) 
  • Management of technological process sequences (recipes) 
  • Continuous beam deflection with simultaneous adaptation of form, position, size and dwell time of the individual deflection figures during operation, by means of operator control actions or a connection to the automatic process control 
  • Adaptation of the electron beam focusing within the electron beam gun and at the process location, including monitoring of the focusing state by evaluating the temperature increase of the cooling water in the electron beam gun 
  • Display and data recording of all process-relevant operating parameters such as power, power distribution and acceleration voltage 
  • Data transfer 
  • Interface for external access via internet connection