Drum Coating System

The TOMA X is a modular platform for flexible multilayer coating tasks. It is designed for the most sophisticated layer systems, especially optical multilayer systems on substrates with varying sizes.

During the coating process, the substrates are in special carriers that can be fitted to the respective substrates.

The coating direction is vertical and different coating methods such as reactive or non-reactive sputtering are applied. Furthermore, the surfaces of the substrates can be cleaned and activated by means of plasma pre-treatment before the coating.

Five ports can be used to integrate magnetrons and/or plasma sources. In-situ measurement technology is also available for monitoring and adjusting the coating process.

The modular design of the TOMA X enables the processing purely in batch mode. In combination with automatic handling in a transfer chamber, this ensures a user-friendly, safe loading of the system and increases the process reliability by a permanent conditioning of the process chamber. The system can always be upgraded, so that it can adapt to increasing demands.


用途: precision optics





Horizontal Coating System