XEA|nova® L

wafer coating system

The XEA|nova L is an inline coating system based on our proprietary large-area coating technology. The system is wider than the XEA|nova and can process more substrates at the same time. Therefore it is especially suited for high productivity applications at very low costs. It is suited for silicon wafers or other small and even very thin substrates.

Thanks to its modular design, the XEA|nova L can be equipped with rotatable magnetrons for the sputter deposition of high-performance TCO layers or several other materials, such as metals and metal oxides. It can also be adapted for other deposition technologies. The substrates can also be pre-treated by cleaning or etching, either under vacuum or before it enters the vacuum.

VON ARDENNE is also working on introducing single-sided passivated contacts processed by means of hig-rate soft sputtering into mass production. The necessary sputtering process technology will be designed to fit into the XEA|nova L platform.




应用: 光伏

基片形状: 平面/刚性

基材: metals, 晶圆, 玻璃, 聚合物

镀膜技术: 磁控溅射(向上), 磁控溅射(向下)

功能: 电极层, 透明导电氧化物, 钝化, 防反射

膜层和膜系: Ag, AlOx, AZO, Cu, ITiO, ITO, NiV, SiN, SiOx, 氧化钛, 钛, 铝, 锌