Horizontal Coating System

The HISS is a modular vacuum coating system with a carrier-based substrate transport. It is the perfect choice if you are looking for highly flexible production equipment with a small or medium throughput equipped with proven technology.

Thanks to its modular design, the HISS can be configured according to your needs. We offer various basic configurations of the system such as the single-ended version for a smaller production scale.

The system offers a high process flexibility as the process chamber can be configured with planar or rotatable magnetrons. Ion pre-treatment or heating and cooling units are available upon request. All auxiliary chambers, like entry / exit, buffer and transport chamber, can be upgraded in a similar manner.

The flexible and dynamic design of the system with standardized subcomponents enables custom-made configurations. That means that the system can be adapted to new processes or requirements. Therefore, our customers are able to act very dynamically and can adapt to the evolution of their product.


应用: 光伏, 燃料电池, 精密光学

基片形状: 平面/刚性

基材: metals, 不锈钢, 晶圆, 玻璃, 聚合物

镀膜技术: 磁控溅射(向上), 磁控溅射(向下)

功能: 扩散阻挡层, 透明导电氧化物, 钝化, 防反射, 防腐蚀保护



rotary disk coating system